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Do you have a problem with occult works? blockage? possession? difficulties with marriage? trouble getting pregnant? sleep disturbances or restless sleep? generalized blockage?

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These are symptoms that are generally associated with certain occult ailments.

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My activity:


I treat all symptoms related to witchcraft or occult works such as:

  • Intimate blockage;
  • Relational blockage;
  • Entity disturbance;
  • Possession, stubborn possession or that keeps coming back;
  • Magnetism;
  • Evil eye;
  • Various forms of blockages.

This page is dedicated to all those wishing to learn about witchcraft and the damage it can cause.  


To be as clear and direct as possible, I will not make a history of witchcraft because I doubt that the victims of this scourge are interested in history. My speech will be direct, simple, and precise, in order to give a rational, logical, and complete explanation.

Having been myself a victim of witchcraft several years ago, I learned the different ways to heal, what to do, and what not to do, but I especially learned to recognize the symptoms of the evil spell.


I want to clarify some things that may be important to some of you:


  • I am not a raky because my care is not limited to rokya, for which I have the utmost respect. Indeed, I have noticed that many people do not see changes after benefiting from these treatments.
  • I am not a fkih because their methods are like rokya and therefore (in my eyes) are not sufficiently effective.
  • I am not a taleb either because my treatments are for everyone, I do not make differences between a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or any other confession. I assume that there is good and bad in each of us and, I do not go further in my analysis. I would not refuse help to anyone on the pretext of their ethnic or religious affiliation.

What follows is therefore addressed to anyone wishing to know more about witchcraft and its damage. Many people claim to be victims of witchcraft, tkaf, mani3, sihr, these are just the different names of a single and same scourge.

1. The symptoms:

  • Loneliness: I have noticed that victims constantly seek solitude. It is often observed that people suffering from witchcraft do not want to socialize with the outside world. There is a fear of crowds and noise that gradually sets in.
  • Lack of success: Victims of this scourge that is witchcraft will notice that nothing is going well, both relationally and professionally as well as financially.  
  • Invisibility: People turn away from you, you are like invisible, and no one listens to what you say. You often find yourself pushing in the background. In some cases, you can also notice a certain aggressiveness of people towards you.
  • Insomnia and migraines: Insomnia and migraines multiply, nightmares become the daily routine. When you finally manage to fall asleep, your sleep is not restorative. For many victims, sleep becomes a descent into hell. As soon as you believe you are in the arms of Morpheus, you are actually in those of the evil spirit who takes possession of the place.
  • Intimate blockage: Many men (mainly in the Maghreb) claim to be victims of “tkaf”, the tkaf is actually a kind of blockage. This is often done by a close relative. In this part, I mainly target women (without accusing them) because it is often wives, girlfriends or fiancées who use this practice (voir photo D).
    • The "tkaf" manifests itself by the sexual impotence of the man, which has the effect of creating a real frustration in the latter. His desires are intact but he has no physical reaction, so that he is unable to act. The person victim of this type of “tkaf” can also notice that the opposite sex flees from him for no apparent reason.
  • Professional blockage: Witchcraft can also manifest itself by non-success. You have trouble moving forward. Professional success is never there, in this case we will call it “el mani3”.
  • Intimate relational blockage: In certain Maghreb communities, the “tkaf” is surprisingly done by the mother to her daughters (or even to her sons). Yes, you read that right! Many girls have been victims of tkaf because their mother decided it. This may disconcert more than one of you, but it has often been observed that mothers (or fathers) do a “tkaf” on their children, not to harm them, but on the contrary to protect them. In their minds, the “tkaf” is a way to prevent their child from being confronted with pleasures of the flesh before marriage. As a result, children (mainly girls) find themselves victims of witchcraft emanating from their own parents. The most recurring problem, when faced with this situation, is that the parent does not always think to remove the “tkaf” when the child becomes an adult and at marrying age. Few people know that the longer the spell lasts, the harder it is to remove. If I may use an image: “it is easier to uproot a schrub that was planted a few months ago, than to uproot the same schrub a few years later”.
  • Possession and haunting: It is also noted that some forms of witchcraft manifest themselves by the presence of an entity, (the entity is simply the soul of a person who has lived on earth like you and me), in the dwelling or in some cases in the person himself. The possessed person holds words that are not his own. In most cases, the person victim of witchcraft does not remember what she said or did. It should be noted that an “entity”, whatever it is, seeks to possess the person on whom it has an intention (good or bad).
  • Reproduction blockage: This blockage is a form of witchcraft that takes time to detect. This witchcraft is done to the woman to prevent her from getting pregnant. The principle of this form of witchcraft is simple, there are two ways for the sorcerer to reach his victim
  1. The sorcerer sends a “djinn/shaytan” to the victim and orders it to settle in her intimate parts. Its main mission is to kill any form of sperm to prevent fertilization. In some cases, the “djinn/shaytan” also prevents the woman from having relations with her husband, to the point that her legs remain glued to each other despite herself. It has also been observed that there are intimate pains at the time of intercourse or just before.  
  2. The sorcerer performs a “marriage ceremony” between the “djinn/shaytan” and the victim, so the “djinn/shaytan” takes the victim as his wife despite her. From there, it becomes “legitimate” for him to defend “his wife” against any suitor. His goal is to chase away the real husband or to create discord between the two spouses. He thus uses the worst stratagems to prevent them from reproducing.

No matter how the sorcerer went about it, it is necessary to chase away the “djinn/shaytan” so that the victim can return to the normal course of her life.


Some health problems can be due to witchcraft or possession:


Indeed, there are cases where witchcraft causes certain health problems that so-called “classical” medicine does not explain

Here is an example: Mrs. F. came to my office with crutches. Indeed, she had a lot of trouble climbing the steps leading to my office.

After working with this lady and after removing her possession, Mrs. F. left without using her crutches. She no longer felt the need to use them at all, and she went down the stairs much faster than her husband who had helped her up.


This is explained by the following:


As you now know, all witchcraft is caused by the intervention of one or more djinn(s). These same djinns (na3alat Allahou 3alayhim) will possess their victim, and it is at this precise moment that the physical attack occurs


This attack is based on an analysis of the victim’s health status, if this person has some weaknesses, their health will deteriorate. In this specific case, the djinn will somehow “scan” its victim and see where it can strike. In a way, it will trigger something that does not necessarily have to be


Example: You come from a family where diabetes is quite common. If one of your direct parents has this “gene” for diabetes, there is a good chance that you also have it. Even if the disease is not proven in you, because you have this genome in your DNA, it makes you a potential target.


Therefore, if you are a victim of witchcraft, the djinn will possess you, “scan” you and as soon as it has detected this diabetes genome, it will rush to trigger it.


I also specify that it happens quite often that certain medical symptoms, which cannot be treated by medical means, can be treated by simple magnetism. Such as muscle pain, headaches, gonalgia, loss of sleep, extreme fatigue,… All these symptoms can be cured either by one or two sessions of magnetism, or by a treatment based on incense. Treatment that can be sent, so it is not necessary for the patient to be present


2. Eaten witchcraft:

Eaten witchcraft is in my eyes the most virulent of any other form of witchcraft.  

Many people come to me about witchcraft they would have ingested. These people have the greatest difficulties in finding someone to help them get rid of it. Before anything else, you need to know how this type of witchcraft works and what the symptoms are.  

This practice is first and foremost a poisoning and a devastating means of destruction, as few people are able to get out what has been ingested.  

In “simple” witchcraft, you are harassed in your everyday life (these “djinns” are generally by your side and make you bitter, repulsive, and unfriendly).  

Eaten witchcraft has this particularity of being not by your side but in you. Therefore, they take possession of your body as any usurper would. This practice makes rokya much less effective. Indeed, the djinn is bothered by the Quran but because it is inside the person, the rokya can only disturb it and not make it leave. Worse still, it attacks the victim in an even more virulent way.  

It is therefore imperative to get the “djinn” out by vomiting. It is only after this treatment that the victim can be treated by rokya, by lead or by other methods analyzed further down on this page.  

The symptoms of ingested witchcraft are as follows

  • Hair loss;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Digestive problems;  
  • Stomach bloating for no reason;
  • Skin problems;
  • Unexplained nausea.

The modes of care for ingested witchcraft are:

We are all different, which explains why for some people drinking Quranic water will suffice. The victim will be taken with nausea that will make them vomit. During these vomits, the ingested witchcraft will come out bi idni Llah.

To understand this phenomenon, one must refer to the rokya: the “jinn” that are in the stomach are expelled by the Quranic writings.

For other victims, this first mode of care will not suffice. In this case, we will use the “sana el mekki” which will cause a disturbance in the stomach and expel the eaten witchcraft through the stools and urine.

For cases of “virulent” eaten witchcraft, I use writings combined with a root that will cause nausea, which will expel the eaten witchcraft by vomiting. What would have taken days or even weeks to leave ends up coming out in the space of one or two hours bi idni Llah

 !! I strongly advise anyone not to try to do this kind of work themselves !!

It is essential to understand that all forms of witchcraft are accompanied by a form of possession.

It is inconceivable to say to oneself: “I am bewitched but thank God I am not possessed”. For many years, I have been practicing this fascinating profession and I notice this fact on almost all my patients. We regularly think that possession only manifests itself by the fact that the victim speaks and begins to say things that do not come from her but from the “jinn(s)” that possess her.

To understand this phenomenon of possession, one must first know that the “jinn” rush into the victim’s gaps (her weak points).  


A jinn does not make its victim angry, it only accentuates this characteristic that is proper to it. The same goes for health, if you are a person with fragile health, the “jinn” will only accentuate this fragility.

Know that a “jinn” is not capable of making your health fragile, it will only be able to accentuate it without the doctors being able to explain the aggravation of your symptoms.

Victims suffering from witchcraft, who come to consult me, often ask me the following question: Why do some people start talking and others don’t?  

The answer to this question is quite simple. Indeed, everything lies in the receptivity rate of each person. The most receptive will start talking or doing things that are not their own, while the less receptive will rather feel symptoms of the type: eyelid trembling, numbness of the limbs, tingling, pain in the left or right arm, swelling of the belly, etc. All these symptoms are also those of possession.

Any reaction of the patient to the reading of the Koran (the Torah or the Bible), whether by speech or by physiological symptoms, which I have listed a little higher, are those of possession. There is no witchcraft without possession for the simple reason that through witchcraft, you are sent a certain number of jinn who have a mission to accomplish on their victim. These can only accomplish it by possessing you.


 3.  The different modes of care: 


  • The Rokya Chaarya: This method is mainly used by pious people. It is based on the holy writings of the Quran. It consists of recitations of the Quran on the person who is a victim of witchcraft and the use of surahs of the Quran written on a sheet, which will be dissolved in water, and then ingested or used during ablution. This practice can be compared to exorcism (while being cautious about the term). It should be noted that there is a divergence of opinion regarding this practice, the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of which depends on the person who benefits from it but also on the one who provides it.

It seems essential that the person who provides the care is a pious person and that the beneficiary of this method is just as much. In the absence of the points mentioned above, it is likely that the treatment will be in vain.

It should also be known that this method does not work on everyone, regardless of whether the beneficiary and the healer are pious. To be able to benefit from this method, many raky systematically ask the patient to comply with the requirements of Islam, namely: to pray, to cover the head for women, to be as often as possible under ablutions, to learn the Quran, if the patient is not married to come with a moharram, to cover the body (at least to have a decent outfit). All these things that any self-respecting Muslim would approve of (and I am one of them) but the problem is that few people are able to comply with these requirements. These people are therefore excluded from this type of treatment.

To understand the principle of rokya, it is important to keep in mind that anyone suffering from witchcraft is possessed. The rokya being the simple recitation of certain verses of the Quran, the jinn possessing the victim are inconvenienced by these stories. At this point, the patient will feel symptoms such as: headaches, numbness of the limbs, trembling of the eyelids, yawning, etc. This is how the presence of the “jinn” is detected. From then on, we can treat the patient to get rid of these “jinns”.

  • The Rokya Rabbanya: This practice is derived from Rokya Chaarya and is not practiced enough in my opinion because it is little or not known. What difference is there, you might ask? Based on my observations, Rokya Rabbanya is MUCH MORE EXPEDIENT

    A jinn who resists the rokya chaarya will have a lot of trouble resisting the Rabbanya because in this case, we can LITERALLY KILL the jinn if he persists in refusing to convert to Islam and to leave.

    You have an example in the video published below. (Less than 20 minutes to eliminate a jinn, who was nevertheless in this poor man for years.


  • The treatment by lead: This method consists of melting the lead previously prepared over a period of two days. The treatment only begins on the third day. The lead will then be melted and projected into a basin of water placed under the person to be treated. It is surprising to see the effects of lead when it comes into contact with water. For some people, it makes no noise while for others, it explodes impressively. As a general rule, when it is shaken in this way, it means that a “knot” has been undone. The “knot” in terms of witchcraft represents the evil spell.

    Lead is known to undo 365 different knots. This treatment by lead is generally accompanied and completed by a form of incense composed of 32 elements. I have noticed that in some cases, the lead projected into the water gives strange, astonishing but above all, revealing shapes (human forms, deformed faces, rats, camel, turtle, etc.).

Picture A:  
As you can see in this image, the lead represents a camel. The first (below) literally disintegrated during the second melt (above).


Lead Camel, before and after the treatment.jpg


Picture B:
On this image, you will easily recognize the camel's head that is pointing to the right.

Camel's head pointing to the right.jpg
Picture C
On this image, you will recognize the shape of a rat whose head is pointing to the left.



Rat head.jpg


Picture D:
In this last shot, we can see the shape of a penis on the right side (the tkaf performed on this person appeared explicitly in its lead).

Shape of a penis.jpg

Different incenses accompany lead, namely:

  • The Jawi (white): This incense is attributed in this treatment to "sidi al bouhali"(colorful) or even to "al bacha hammou"(red)
  • The Jawi (black): This incense is attributed in this treatment to "sidi mimoun" (black) which is also called "al bouwab". The one who opens the doors and holds the key to success. It is also to "lalla mimouna" (black), (sister of sidi mimoun) also called " lalla aicha drouria", whose monastery is based in the mountains of Meknes.
  • The "aoud": is attributed in this treatment to "Lalla Malika" (green).
  • The "aoud": is attributed in this treatment to "Sidi the fkih" (white) or commonly called "samharouj", which is based in the southern mountains of Marrakech, near Moulay Ibrahim.
  • Al meska el horra: is attributed to "Lalla Mira" (yellow).
  • The bghour of Aïcha: is attributed in this treatment to "Lalla Aicha al bahria" (white), whose monastery is located on the seaside near the town of Azzemour.
  • The bghour of Lalla Aicha: "al hamdouchia" which is based in the mountains, exactly 2 km from "Lalla Aicha Drouria" in Meknes.
  • Sidi Abdelraman: in Casablanca and which does not require specific incense.
  • The great Moulay Ibrahim: in the south of Marrakech, which does not require specific incense either.
  • Chigh al Kamel: in Meknès
  • Moulay Idris: in Fez
  • Merchich: in Casablanca, second meeting place for all these walis.

Note that for each "jwad", there is an expected behaviour to have.  
Indeed, each of them has a specificity. We can therefore invoke one for success and the other for the return of affection.

You will have noticed for each "jwad", (because that is how we called these spirits that help us heal), there is a specific color, all combined with incense. Thanks to this combination (incense, jwads and lead), I have see patients come to me in one state and leave in a completly different state. 

The great advantage of this practice is that it does not make any differences between religions, ethnicity or any other.

Nb: it should be duly noted that many Muslims attribute this practice to shirk. I remind them for all intents and purposes that the Quran is addressed to humanity and the jinns. Let us do not forget that the chosen one among us all, SAYIDOUNA MOHAMMED 3ALAYHI SALATOU WA SALAM himself converted the first jinns to Islam and that latter are required like us to do good around them.

From there, it is easy to understand their benefits towards us will be counted to them on the day of yaoumou el kyama.  
As for me, I do not make any distinction between a Muslim brother and a Muslim jinn, if the latter is of my faith and well-intentioned.

There are also other care practices:

  1. Lemons to treat sexual dysfunction in men (tkaf) 
  2. The white candle to revive feelings in the couple and the return of affection (when we talk about return of affection, there is a reason to be careful. This practice is misused by people who bring back an "ex" long gone, or even to calm them down so that they never leave them).
  3. The scarf dipped in milk which has the same function as the white candle
  4. The egg that helps eradicate the evil eye in 3 days 
  5. The "fas el warata" and the "padlock" which open all kinds of tkafs (from the intimate blockage through the professional one) as well as the 7 keys combined with the work by lead
  6. Snail shells
  7. The "nfails" which are writings combined with incences that cure certain form of possession, and are very useful during the magnetism sessions

Additionally, here is an example of rokya rabbanya conducted by myself, video on YouTube.

These videos give you an example of what subsaharan witchcraft gives as results

I published this one at the request of certain people who have one or more jinn(s) in love with them and who want to know more about it.

  • A jinn in love can come in several ways:
    • Either, it comes from witchcraft and possesses you as described above. He ends up having feelings for you, and in some cases may even have intimate relations with you, without your consent. Warning: don't believe that because he loves you, he won't block you from your life, quite the contrary! 
    • Or, it doesn't come through witchcraft. He saw you or came across in the street, like any man would do, he follows you, and he ends up possessing you.

Questions / Answers


Mrs. Miryam from Los Angeles

For people that live to far away, is it possible to mail them care?


Yes, it is possible in some cases. It is preferable for the person to be present.

Nb: Contact me for more details


Mrs. Rkya from Toulouse

Is there a protection against witchcraft?


Yes indeed, There are several processes that can prevent witchcraft from reaching you.

Nb: Contact me for more details


Mr. Mansour from Paris

Is there a way to improve one's life and be successful? Like "koboul "


Yes, there are several ways to improve your daily life.


  1. It is possible to have a "ktab" commonly called "koboul" which allows the person to move forward
  2. There are works that is done on a silver ring which called "the ring of saydouna soulayman": it is in my opinion, what is the most effective because very few people are authorized to do it, for the simple reason that it is necessary to benefit from the help of some jwades. You should know that the ring is first and foremost NOMINATIVE. Then, It is TARGETED: in other words, it is prepared for a specific purpose. Generally, it is asked for (and, this is legitimate) PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS.

Nb: Contact for more details about this work because it is only done during a specific period of the year (laylatou lkadr, miloud, Aychoura, aid el kebir,...)


Mrs. Mounia from Oslo:

Does time have an impact on care? Is a person victim of witchcraft for 20 years more difficult to heal compared to a person victim of the same one only for 2 years?


Yes, and I take for example the planted schrub. You will have much more ease to remove it 2 years later than 20 years later because it will become a large, heavy and voluminous tree. Time plays in favor of witchcraft. The more time flies and the more shayatines better know you and know how to destroy you. However, everything that has been done by man can be removed by man. ALLAH soubhanah will NEVER evil to triumph.


Mrs. Fouzia from Casablanca:

Is it possible to be possessed in a positive way? I mean, can we be possessed by something that would be good for us?


Yes, it is quite possible. I would even say that this happens much more often than we think. Most people in our profession focus on what comes to disturb their patient but NEVER on what could be there to help. Often, these presences go unnoticed, but I confirm that is quite possible. (The only difference is that we do not speak about possession, but accompaniment because they do not physically possess us, since they are not in our body but next to it).


Mrs Fadwa from Brussels:

Is it possible not to heal from witchcraft despite the determination we may have to want to heal ourselves?


Yes, unfortunately it is possible and I explain myself why. c'est malheureusement possible et je m'explique. No doctor in the world can boast of healing 100% of his paients and well, it is the same for our profession. None of us can claim to have unlimited power, only ALLAH sobhanah has this power and we are only humans. If our creator has decided to let you suffer this suffering on earth, it is perhaps that He intends for you the best yaoumou al kyama. WALLAHOU MA3A SABIRIN


Mrs. Sylvie from Agen:

As a Christian, I would like to know if you heal everyone or just people from you confession?

My second question is: in our community, there are few people victims of witchcraft, but that does not prevent many of us from suffering an unknown evil. What can you do for that?


First of all, thank you for your judicious questions:


  1. As I have already said, I make NO distinction of religion, ethnicity or origin 
  2.  Your second question is very interesting because you have raised a very important subject. Indeed, there are people who do not necessarily suffer from witchcraft but who are not at their best in life. It must be said that it is not only witchcraft that can harm people. For the simple reason that what it is sent by witchcraft (jinns, demons, and other negative presences) can harm you as well without any sorcerer intervention. In this case, we will not talk about witchcraft but "stain" and, it is precisely this stain that makes you repulsive, infrequented, and uninteresting.

In that specific case, the solution lies in magnetism and a method that we called in Arabic "rsil" which literally means "cleaning" the patient and allows him to regain control of his life. To do this, we will then use different types of products, such as: amber, musk, tbatil,... which combined with "nfails" (writings) give very good results.

So, to sum up, I would say that is not necessary to be a victim of witchcraft to have blockages. 


Mrs. Sylvie from Agen:

Do you do magnetism sessions?


The term magnetism is misused, given that it is precisely this magnetism that makes us emit negative energy. I prefer to use the term demagnetization, but I confirm that I practice it.


Mrs. Valérie from Brussels: 
I have read with great interest your comment on the lead method. Is there a place where you receive people to heal them?

I confirm that I receive in my office (by appointment).


Mrs. Samya from London:
Hello Sir, I would like to know How you explain that I regularly do Rokya which chase the jinn in me (jinn in love with me) but few days later he comes back?

Mrs. Samya Hello,
The problem in your case is that the raky makes a care mistake. When we catch a jinn like yours, we cannot let him go without treating him!! Otherwise, he will come back!! And, you will spend your time chasing him while he will keep coming back immediately.

I will soon broadcast a video of one of my patients who suffered from the same ailment as you. 

The only way to prevent the jinn from coming back is eitheur convert him to Islam or to kill him. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that come to your mind.


I specify immediately to discourage unscrupulous people: I do not perform witchcraft, I do not perform any action that would involve me in the haram. I just remove what the person suffers if however, the evil from which the person suffers is due to witchcraft and not from our Creator.


In view of the confinement due to covid-19 and the impossibility of receiving my patients, I suggest teleconsultations by phone.

The consultation is 35 euros per person, without time limit, I do not have a stopwatch in hand. 

I advise anyone wishing to have a teleconsultation to contact me in order to have payement terms.

Generally, I propose a bank transfer, which is done quite rapidly. The consultation is limited to two per day. 

Due to confinement and the impossibility of receiving my patients, there are some treatments that I can send over in order to remove or to relieve witchcraft. It is a 7-day treatment made of nfails, incense (tbatil) and, a cleansing based on aoud, musk and amber.

Phone Number : 0032 494 20 10 19


wa salamou 3ala 3ibadillahi assalihin.

Nb: People that are wishing to make their koboul (ring of saydna souleyman) must know that is only during certain period of time during the year. 






         Mail :

I am available everyday except Sunday from 10h to 20h

Phone : 0032/494.20.10.19





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