The witchcraft disasters

The witchcraft disasters

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This page is dedicated to persons wishing to know and learn more about sorcery and damage it cause.
To be as clear and direct enough as possible, I will not go through the origins and history of sorcery. I doubt that the victims of this plague would be interested in that. My word will be straightforward, concise and precise in order to give rational and complete explanation.
Several years ago, I was myself a victim of sorcery and I have learned various treatments to heal oneself against sorcery, what to do- and what not to do- and especially the ability to identify symptoms related to curses, misfortunes and black magic…
Many people think they are victims of sorcery; tkaf; mani3 and sihr. There are just different names for exactly the same plague: SORCERY.
Different types of sorcery and symptoms Related
In this section will be described the various types of sorcery and main symptoms that are detectable when persons suffer from it.
A.General symptoms
The main symptoms are:
Victims always want to be alone. Indeed, they are afraid of noise, crowd and outside world…
2. Failure in all areas of life:
There are evident failures. You have no control over your destiny and nothing seems to work from a personal, professional and financial perspective. Another pertinent example is when you are student. However much you studied, you didn’t succeed or pass your exam: you draw a blank
Finally, there is a range of health problems that doctors cannot determine causes. Once they are detected, treatments are either ineffective or attributed to stress problems.
3.To be relegated to second place:
You feel like invisible, people turn away from you and nobody pays attention to what you say. Your mind is somewhere else and no matter how hard you try to be focused.
4.Insomnia and sleeping disorder:
Restless nights, frequent insomnia, migraine headaches and nightmares are your daily lot. When you finally could get some sleep, you have trouble getting restful sleep. For many of you, sleep becomes a descent into hell. Therefore, as soon as you think you are in the arms of Morpheus, you are especially by an evil or a bad spirit that takes possession of the place.
B. The Tkaf
In reality, the «tkaf» is a type of blockage that many men claim to be victims, especially from the Maghreb.
1.The «tkaf» is done by women against men:
It is often made by a relative (wife, fiancée, lady friend, mother, aunt,…). In this section, I focus primarily on ladies (but without making any accusations against them) because they usually use this practice.
The «tkaf» is manifested by sexual impotence of man, which has the effect of creating a real frustration for the latter. The sexual desire of man remains intact but without any physical reaction, so he is unable to have sexual intercourse.
2.The «tkaf» is done by parents against their children:
In some Maghreb communities, the «tkaf» is done by the mother against her daughter(s) or her son(s) and, this is quite astonishing. Yes, you read it correctly, and this could be confusing more than one but many girls or boys have been victims of «tkaf» because their parents (fathers, mothers or both) had decided it.
Paradoxically, we observe that this is not done with harmful intent but to protect them. In the minds of parents, the «tkaf» seems to be used as a way of preventing their children to have physical pleasure before marriage. Therefore, children (and, mostly girls) become victims of sorcery from their own parents.
In this particular case, the problem is that parent does not always think of removing the «tkaf» when the child becomes an adult and at the age of marriage. Unfortunately, many people remain unaware is the more time goes on and more the curse is difficult to remove.
A parable is worth a thousand words:
«If you dig up a shrub, planted a few months ago, it will be much easier to do it than this same shrub a few years later».
3.« El mani 3 »
It is a type of tkaf that can also occur by having no success story in general, no professional success and by not going ahead in one’s life…
C. The presence of entities- spirits
In addition, it also appears that sorcery manifests itself in some forms such as the presence of either one or many spirit(s) (entity/spirit is simply the soul of a deceased person who lived on earth like you and me) or one or many djinn(s). Their presence can be seen in the house of the bewitched person or, in some cases, in the person her/himself. The person is possessed, says things that do not belong to her/him, even the person her/himself does not recognize it and, in most cases, she/he does not remember what she/he said or did. It is noted that the entity, whatever it is, seeks to possess the person on whom it has an intention (good or bad).
D.Sorcery to prevent a women from having children
It comes in two different forms and takes time to be detected:
1.The principle is simple: the sorcerer sends a djinn or shaytan to the victim and commands it to be in the female intimate parts and KILL all the sperm in order to prevent impregnation. In some cases, the djinn or shaytan also prevents the woman to have sexual intercourse with her husband. In so much so her legs remain stuck together in spite of her will.
1.The sorcerer celebrates a marriage “ceremony” between the victim and the djinn or shaytan. Thus, the djinn or the shaytan takes the victim as a wife against her will. So from now on, it becomes legitimate to defend its "wife" against any suitor, if she is not yet married or in relationship. However, if this is the case, it will chase out the real husband by stirring up trouble between the couple or by using all worse kind of tricks to prevent them from reproducing.
What is IMPORTANT to know is that in both scenarios, it is necessary to chase out the djinn or shaytan so that the victim can return to normal life!!!
IMPORTANT: things are more complicated when it comes to eaten sorcery. I would like to insist on this most virulent practice. This is what I will discuss in the next point. 
E. Eaten sorcery
Many people contact me regarding sorcery they would have eaten and  had the biggest difficulties finding someone to help them get rid of it.
Before we go any further, you need to know how it works and what are the symptoms.
First and foremost, this practice is a poisoning and means of destruction because there are fewer people able to get rid of what was ingested.
Indeed, eaten sorcery has a specificity compared to other sorceries. The sorcerer, instead of sending you "djinns" to harass you in your day-to-day life (in general, they are at your side and make you bitter, physically repulsive and pale... see above), will make you eat the sorcery. In so much so "djinns" will not be longer at your side but inside you and will take possession of your body like any usurper would do.
Symptoms of eaten sorcery are: hair loss, loss of appetite, digestive problems (stomach and intestines), gas, bloating stomach without apparent reason, vomiting, nausea, skin problems,...
You need to know ROKYA * is much less effective for eaten sorcery. In fact, the djinn is bothered by the Quran. However, because it is inside the person, it doesn’t get out and even worse, it attacks so badly the victim.
It is imperative to get the djinn out by vomiting, only then we will be able to treat the person by ROKYA, lead or other methods explained in the treatments section
Before explaining the different types of treatment used, I am going first to focus on eaten sorcery treatments.
1.TREATMENTS for eaten sorcery:
You should know persons might respond differently to treatments. 
Drink holy water with QURAN: is sufficient for some people. Therefore, the holy water leads to retching and induces vomiting and the eaten sorcery ends up getting out bi idni ALLAH. To understand this phenomenon, you should refer to the ROKYA. Djinns inside the stomach of the victim are expelled by the Quranic writings.
«SANA EL MEKKI»: it will need more than holy water to treat another category of people. We use «SANA EL MEKKI» that inevitably will cause upset stomach and excrete the eaten sorcery in the feces and urine.
COMBINATION OF WRITING AND A ROOT: for the treatment of the third category of people, holy water and SANA EL MEKKI will be not sufficient because the eaten sorcery is too heavy. From that moment on, we will use combination of writings and a specific root will cause retching. What should have probably taken days or even weeks; it will take only one or two hours to put an end to the eaten sorcery bi idni ALLAH. 
Please note: I advise people who want to be healed against trying this type of work themselves.
It appears that religious people mainly use it. It is based on the writings of Holy Quran
ROKYA takes place as follows:
There is the recitation of Holy Quran on the person her/himself. Moreover, there is the use of surahs from the Holy Quran that are written on a sheet of paper in order to be dissolved in water. This water will be drunk or used for ablutions. These treatments can be compared to a kind of exorcism, all the while remaining cautious.
It is worth nothing that there are divergences regarding the practice of exorcism. It seems that its effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) is dependent on both the healer and the bewitched person. Indeed, it is crucial that both of them have to be pious. Moreover, we note that if one of them is not, the odds are that the treatment will be vain.
Furthermore, in this case, the RAKY systematically asks that people must comply fully with the requirements of Islam, i.e.:
-To say one’s prayers;
-To cover decently one’s head and/or body (only for women);
-To be as often as possible in ablutions;
-To learn Quran;
-If a single woman wants to be treated, she must come with her brother or her father…
All of these practices are agreed with Muslims (and, I am part of them). The problem is that few people are able to comply with those requirements. As a result, they find themselves excluded from this treatment. That is the reason why I provide treatments irrespective of individuals religious beliefs, while using methods of treatment are directly linked to the Muslim religion
2.1.1   Understanding the ROKYA
To understand the ROKYA, it is necessary to understand how does the sorcery work.
You need to know that sorcery goes hand in hand with djinns. Let me explain: if anyone suffers from sorcery, then will automatically suffer from presence of one or more djinns. Indeed, djinns have been sent by the sorcerer to commit their wrongdoings. That is actually why most of the victims do not longer recognize themselves because they did not react naturally.
In general, djinns stick to their victims like glue by making life as difficult as possible for victims according to the mission that djinns was entrusted with (tkaf, mani3, insomnia, professional and private blocks...).
And, this where ROKYA comes into play merely reciting some verses or passage from the Holy Quran, thus djinns (which are beside and/or inside the victim) are bothered. The victim will feel various symptoms such as :
-Numbness (almost all of the members or all);
-Trembling of the eyelids;
Therefore, in this way we detect the presence of djinns. Henceforth, we can treat bewitched victims to get rid of the djinns.
It consists in melting lead, beforehand to prepare for two days. And, so the treatment will begin on the third day. The lead will be melted and poured into basin of water under the person for the purpose of the treatment.
It is amazing to see the effects that the lead has in contact with water. We notice that for some people, it does not make a noise. For others, it burst impressively.
In general, when the lead, poured into water, will make a noise, then it means that the knot will be untied. The «knot» in terms of sorcery is related to curse. In addition, the lead is known to untie 365 different knots. This treatment is usually accompanied by different incense and composed of 32 elements.
In some cases, I personally witness during my various lead treatments that the lead, poured into water, gives strange shapes and sometimes surprising (human forms, distorted faces, rats, camel, turtle…).
Please find below some pictures of those strange shapes have seen during my lead treatment sessions:






A) As you can see in this picture, the lead represents a camel. The first camel at the bottom has literally disintegrated during the second melting down (regarding the camel at the top).












B) In this picture, you will easily recognize camel’s head pointed to the right.














C) In this last, you will recognize the rat form with the head pointed to the left.





2.2.1 Different types of JWADS and incense along with the lead treatment
vJAWI (white) attributed to «SIDI AL BOUHALI» (coloured) or also to «AL BACHA HAMMOU» (red);
vJAWI (black) attributed to «SIDI MIMOUN» (black), also known as «AL BOUWAB», is the one who opens the doors and holds the key to success;
vJAWI(black) attributed to «LALLA MIMOUNA» (black), (SIDI MIMOUN’s sister). It is also known as «LALLA AÏCHA DROURIA» whose the monastery is located in the mountains of Meknes;
v«AOUD»(green) attributed to  «LALLA MALIKA»;
v«AOUD» (white) attributed to «SIDI EL FKIH» or commonly
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